4th Autumn Meeting in Seßlach

Dear Arabella friends,

subject to the limitations imposed by the Corona crisis, our 4th autumn meeting will take place on the first weekend in September, exactly from

04.09.2020 - 06.09.2020

We look forward to seeing you and welcome you this time in the beautiful medieval town Seßlach near Coburg. It is characterized not only by its largely undamaged city center and its picturesque location, but above all by its enormous tavern density around the historic market square. We are only a few minutes walk away in the "Fränkischen Landherberge" and can therefore enjoy the cheap Franconian cuisine and the excellent kommungebraute house beer to the fullest. Also about 4 parking spaces for larger equipment are available directly in the yard of the hostel, with room prices of 46,00 € for a single and 68,00 € for a double room each including breakfast but decides for yourself whether the effort of a motorhome trip worthwhile.

On Saturday we start to castles and castles in the varied landscape of the Bavarian-Thuringian border area, at noon with kitchen-fresh delicacies and the regional "slides" (dumplings).

Otherwise, we expect a relaxed atmosphere and good conversation. If you want to stay longer then you should send your booking in time. An earlier arrival can certainly be agreed with the hostel - in Bavaria are still holidays, we can therefore good "tourist assist" and stay like in the evening for "steam chatting".

Sesslach (Coburg) is very easy to reach, but there are v.a. from north and west good and less good routes, when the holidays end in Bavaria. We will provide you with relevant information on time in the forum.

Best regards

Manfred and Birgit Eibl

If you are still undecided, look at this appetizer on YouTube!

Please book your participation exclusively via this registration form, as a copy of it will go to the "Fränkische Landherberge", which then assigns you a room from the contingent reserved for us and sends you a confirmation! Otherwise you run the risk of not getting a room!

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