8th meeting in Drage (Hamburg)

Our 8th meeting will be from

15.06.2017 - 18.06.2017 on the grounds of Camping Stover Strand in Drage/Stove

The 5* place located 25 kilometers southeast of Hamburg on the Elbe and meets all the conditions for our event - restaurant, supermarket, a marina, there are rooms available as well as cottages and mobile homes.
Much can be said that we got made available a beautifully situated portion directly on the Elbe for our meeting and the beauty is a marquee is already at hand!

Scenic, this corner of Germany highlights how the unique river landscape of the Elbe and in return, the cosmopolitan city of Hamburg, which is one of the most beautiful cities. The harbor, the fish market, the Speicherstadt, the Alster with its famous swans, great shopping and a variety of cultural highlights and much more ....

From our side there are a lot of ideas to make our 8th meeting again interesting and varied, so that the eye is spoiled with fantastic images and also the taste buds and sociability are not forgotten.

We are looking forward to see you all at Camping Stover Strand again or new visitors, who have never been to welcoming our meetings here.

Best wishes

Uwe & Silke

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