9th meeting in Großpösna (Leipzig) 2018

Our 9th meeting will take place from

31.05.2018 - 03.06.2018 in the resort LAGOVIDA in Großpösna near Leipzig

We would like to organize a meeting in our dreamland "Neuseeland" but we guess there wouldn't be too many participants. So we decided to remain in Germany and let it take place in "Neuseenland Leipzig"!

The Leipzig Lake is a partially still emerging and scoring for the "Mitteldeutsche Seenland" landscape. These include shares in the Leipzig district, in Nordsachsen and in the city of Leipzig. emerged in the context of the reclamation and restoration of the former lignite mining and its plants and arise from the opencast pits in many waters that will be filled in the coming years and decades, and to be partly connected with channels. The lakes composite is even a water area of ​​about 70 km²; be used to take both and touristy also serve as flood protection. (Source: Wikipedia)

Looking for a venue with space for campers, our classic car and trailer, a "fairground" and accommodations for non-campers we have with the built in 2014 Holiday Resort LAGOVIDA found an excellent place. Idyllic location on Lake Störmthal comes quickly to the holiday mood and the university and trade fair city of Leipzig attracts only 20 minutes away.

Follow us to Saxony and let us spend together again some eventful days together and explore this beautiful scenery line!

Best wishes

Uwe & Silke

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