5th Autumn Meeting in Monschau

Dear Arabella friends,

subject to restrictions due to the Corona crisis, our 5th autumn meeting will take place from

08.10.2021 - 10.10.2021

in the Eifel town of Monschau. Monschau is located in the German-Belgian border region in the northern Eifel and in the direct vicinity of Wallonia in Belgium.

The town of Monschau is a very popular tourist destination in the Eifel and boasts around 300 listed houses in the old town. Winding alleyways invite you to take a stroll and if you have had enough, you can stop off at one of the charming restaurants, cafés or pubs and feast and enjoy.....

Many towns and villages in the Eifel have preserved their special charm around monuments, historic streets and squares, so that we will add a "crowning touch" to the vintage car year 2021 with the autumn meeting in Monschau.

Thankfully Gottfried Schwaner is organising this meeting for our community, if you have any questions you can contact him on +49/(0)174/9785163. If you register for our meeting, I will book the accommodation and send you the confirmation. Due to the lean organisation, no entry fee will be charged, participants will pay for accommodation and food directly on site.

Here is the event programme [159 KB] , further details about the meeting can be found in the forum.

Kind regards

Uwe Pawelski & Gottfried Schwaner

Current booking status

Participants 18
Dogs 0
Arabellas 9
Other classic cars 1

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